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The new Gucci Fall 2020 it’s about masks

The man by Gucci according to Alessandro Michele this time has two personalities: one visible to all, pungent, and the other hidden behind the mask, a bit ‘melancholy perhaps. Yes, the masks were the focus of this show. Covered faces, mysterious, quickly advance on the catwalk on the notes of a psychedelic sacrament music, golden animal faces reminiscent of the ancient Greek tragic theater, very sharp studs and cyber metallic elements hide the face, totally or only partially.

The streetwear, unfailing also this season, blends with a good dose of fetish given by latex, mixed with romantic elements, gender free; there are also seventies and sporty inspirations, like volleyball knee pads. Gucci’s jackets are exaggerated in proportions but incomplete, with visible stitching, as if to represent something unresolved, to be completed, in line the theme of the parade that is the search for oneself.


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