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Spring Gym Bag Essentials for Him

You know that promise you’ve made to yourself after having eaten the whole Thanksgiving pie and all your Nana’s cookies for Christmas? Yes, the one about hitting the gym the moment all food from the holidays is gone?

Well, we hope you’ve kept it because it’ll be spring in a minute, and we’re soon to be showing off our toned arms and defined bodies. Further, it’s not just that – the spring is when everything is heating up for the summer and all of your current workouts are getting pumped up even harder! So, we do hope you were serious about your workout commitment and that you’re on a safe path to looking smokin’ in no time.

If you are planning to extend your sessions to springtime (which we honestly hope you do), we’re giving you a few tips to stick to and achieve great results, while looking fabulous in the process.

Deodorizing Wipes

SWAGO wipes

SWAGO wipes

Forget all about the caveman scent and become the 21st century pimp that you are (obviously, we’re using the term “pimp” very loosely here); don’t ever leave the house without your gym bag containing deodorant and wet wipes, okay? Actually, you don’t even have to have both deodorant and wipes stocked in the bag as long as you’ve ALWAYS got one of the two. We love the new deodorizing wipes trends, really – they are a perfect backup plan. The wipes use aloe vera, ginseng and oils to clean, moisturize and get rid of any post-workout funk. Each wipe comes individually wrapped in a packet small enough to fit in your pocket and has the size of a hand towel. When you think about it, these wipes aren’t only great for when you’ve forgotten to put deodorant in your gym bag, but for when you are on the go all day and feel like freshening up a bit. Awesome, right?

All-In-One Shower Wash

Body Shop White Musk For Men Hair & Body Wash

Body Shop White Musk For Men Hair & Body Wash

After a tough workout at the gym, you obviously shower (please tell us you do shower after a workout!). And then, you need soap. And shampoo. And maybe conditioner. But then, where do you put all that stuff without bringing a suitcase to the gym? It’s simple: save precious room in your gym bag ‒ with a bottle of all-in-one shower wash. Choose the wash that thoroughly cleans your hair and body, and combines various vitamins and pleasant scents.

Wireless In-Ear Headphone

SUFUM Bluetooth Headphones Wireless In-ear Headphones

SUFUM Bluetooth Headphones Wireless In-ear Headphones

Not that much of an essential as it is a show off, but a very practical one for sure. Unlike your regular buds that keep interfering with your workout (unless you are just running on the treadmill), a set of wireless in-ear headphones will stay in the ears (most have a flexible ear hook for added support) without you even noticing them there. They should be light and provide good sound. And you’ll look bad as*!

Proper Workout Gear

Ryderwear sneakers

Ryderwear sneakers

Like it or not, the gym’s no longer about JUST working out, but the way you look (and feel) working out; millennial obsession with fashion and comfort combined has brought about a very specific gym clothes expectation (you may have heard of athleisure wear) which applies to both men and women. Don’t think you won’t be targeted for judgment if you are wearing those ripped trainers you bought back in 1999 on your neighbors’ garage sale! It’s time you’ve changed things for better: turn to high quality men’s gym wear that not only looks amazing but provides perfect support and compression. Once you switch to this workout gear, you’ll never go back… and your reflection in the mirror will be all that!

Bar Grips

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz

Clipping a pair of these oversized grips on your barbell will turn even the dullest of gym days into an almost-army experience. What’s amazing is that “the increased diameter will activate more muscles throughout your arms while improving your grip strength in the process”, leaving you looking hotter than ever. Make sure they’re included in your everyday workout routine, okay?

Mind that cake, dude and turn to toning the muscles – ladies will love it!


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