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Milano Moda Uomo F/W 21/22: our top 3 collections

Having filed away the idea of returning with the live fashion shows, Milano Moda Uomo focused (almost) all on digital. On stage the brands presented through the platform of Camera Moda and their social accounts a new idea of dressing, projected as a film for the general public and not only for fashion insiders.

“Hello, it’s Silvia calling”. Silvia Venturini Fendi calls to say that she has imagined a loungewear wardrobe that is refined, artisanal and modern. The focus is on coats, quilted in strong colours that pierce the screen. Interesting is the collaboration with comedian Noel Fielding, who created the neon doodles that appear on the logoed coat and on the padded dressing gown coat, the crew-neck waistcoat and the maxi down jacket.

Zegna reflects on the relationship between home and “outside”. Clothing are reshaped on the basis of how the way of dressing has changed, and therefore on the redefinition of personal style: the collection is called “reset”. The cuts are modern, with simple construction and padding, sharp cuts, and are genderless, the same garments for him and her.

“Possible feelings” is the name of the Prada collection that marks the brand’s new step: it skips the designer’s layered narrative to make room for an emotional reflection on the current pandemic.
Everything is built around a single garment, a male “body piece” in knitwear, a symbol of that comforting comfort addressed here with a romantic vein.
All this in a location that leaves no room for the imagination. Raf Simon’s statement is clear: “this is not the time to be exuberant”, even if the colours of the collection are a hymn to hope.


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