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Exclusive interview: Stevie Boi, the triumph of extravagance.

Per chi ha sfogliato le pagine di Vogue Italia Novembre,
la foto che ho postato sopra non è di certo una novità.
Si tratta del servizio A train, 
le foto sono di Steven Meisel,
ma ciò che colpisce particolarmente dello shooting è lo styling,
e soprattutto gli occhiali, realizzati da Stevie Boi,
un giovane fashion designer americano
molto conosciuto per i suoi accessori particolarmente eccentrici.
Visto il mio interesse per i designer emergenti ho deciso di 
intervistarlo per voi!

G.Stevie Boi Apparel; When  did you decide to create your own brand?

StevieI decided to create a clothing line back in 2007, it was entitled Toxic and was my first start in the fashion industry.

G.Admiring your creations i've noticed that you were able to revolutionize a classic accessory like sunglasses, why did you choose this accessory?
Stevie: I love sunglasses! I love to over accessorize. I feel everyone one needs a pair of glasses. Due to my love for eyewear and accessories I decided to collaborate the two and bring something different to eyewear. Since then I've showed people being fearless and stylish is all you need, SBshades is a perfect definition of that.

G.: How would you define the style of your creations?

Stevie I would say there very fearless. Fashion should be fearless you should never have to second guess your style or your choice of fashions. If its meant to be than wear it and be proud.

G.What do you think about fashion blogging?

StevieI love what you and others do. Without you there wouldn't be a I depth look into fashion. You definitely commemorate designers like myself and spread the passion of what we do to many other demographics.

G.Your accessories have been worn by famous stars like Lady Gaga and mentioned in Vogue Italy, one of the most important fashion magazines in the world, what are your next projects about your brand?

StevieI'm working on more editorials with Vogue, they treat me really well. I love working with Anna Dello Russo! She's so amazing and very  talented. I plan on doing a number of fashion films in the next coming months and spending quality time in milan where I once lived as a child. Thank you so so much! I enjoyed doing this interview!

Non mi resta che ringraziare Stevie, per la gentilezza e la disponibilità mostrata nei miei confronti, Vi invito a visitare il sito ufficiale per ammirare le sue creazioni!


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