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This new Saint Laurent Backpack is connected to the world

The first connected backpack Saint Laurent x Google is here

Imagine, listening to music just with your backpack. Well it’s now possible with the new Saint Laurent x Google release. Saint Laurent, a pure luxury house, been famous since the 1960s for designing clothes that sublimate the female silhouette, meets Google, the American technology services company.

Together, the duo signed the first connected backpack thanks to the Jacquard Project, a digital initiative dedicated to the creation of intelligent fabrics launched in 2015 by the firm.

The Cit-E Backpack, a smart backpack features in the left strap of the model, the Jacquard technology developed by Google. An integrated Jacquard tag that connects to the application available on iOS and Android, with which you can interact to control the music, take pictures… a very smart item for a smart fashion addicted!


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